Juricompas inc. services



Juricompas inc. services


Juricompas inc. will help you with the negotiation, evaluation and drafting of contracts of any kind.

The best moment to protect your interests is before the beginning of a business relationship. A well-written contract is the best protection against unnecessary and costly lawsuits.


Juricompas inc. will guide you through the different aspects of taxation. Whether it be for your projects to buy or sell a business, either through the transfer of goods or shares, adding a shareholder, for a merger, for a corporate reorganization or at the start of your operations.

Our planning will maximize your earnings and protect your assets in an increasingly complex tax environment. It is therefore essential to devote the necessary effort to find the best option for you.

We strive to plan this aspect with you, from tax planning to representation before tax authorities by accompanying you from the stage of opposition to litigation if necessary.


Juricompas inc. is your outsourced legal counsel, which completes or replaces the internal legal department.

We seek to support you in your efforts and inform you of the different options and opportunities available to you.

We offer strategic consulting services and business planning.

For individuals, we can help you to evaluate the various options available to you, allowing you to make an informed decision.


During the start-up process of the business, you will have to decide the legal structure that best suits your needs. In addition, your company must comply with various administrative obligations such as registration, annual declarations and annual resolutions. Juricompas inc. can help you to identify, understand and respect your obligations.

We will assist you in protecting the interests of your business and guide you to make the right decisions based on the company’s history.


Litigation, in a conflicting situation, is much more than representation before the courts.

Juricompas inc. helps you develop the most favorable strategy to prevent a lawsuit or to end a conflict throughout all stages, whether legal proceedings are initiated or not.

We are also available to accompany you in alternative dispute resolution such as arbitration, mediation or a settlement conference.

The practice of civil and commercial litigation includes several areas of civil law (contracts, obligations, liability, property, etc.) and commercial law (security, relationship between shareholders, trade disputes, etc.). In all cases, we will guide you through the various stages of conflict resolution.